A more comfortable golf experience

For many years, golfers had limited options when it came to braving the weather. Hot? Make sure you wear moisture-wicking fabric and sunglasses. Cold? Bundle up. Raining? Hope your golf cart has a solid roof.

With proprietary technology, Seat Comfort Systems’ Cool Ass Technology is making golfers more comfortable in any condition. Here are three ways the Cool Ass Seat is making a round of golf that much more enjoyable.

Evolution. Golf is such a pure sport, with its carefully kept scorecards to its dress code. So, what could disrupt the game? A proprietary technology to make a golfer’s comfort top priority. Cool Ass Seats have an ergonomic design that is handcrafted by Corbin Saddles, a 50-year titan in the golf cart seat industry.

Technology. Did you know that the first heated seat in a car wasn’t for comfort from the cold? In 1972, Saab introduced the heated seats to ease backaches. The Cool Ass Technology provides that same comfort for golf carts. The cooling technology is brand new to the industry, which allows for a much more comfortable experience than fans blowing through seat perforations.

Comfort. How many times have you finished a round of golf drenched in sweat? Or have been too frozen to utilize a proper swing technique? Cool Ass Seats have thermal conductive cooling and heating elements, which will make you think you’re driving your car on the course!

Take the next step toward ultimate comfort with Cool Ass Seats. Contact us today for more information!

Say ‘goodbye’ to embarrassing sweat stains

There’s nothing like spending an afternoon on the golf course with friends, but after a long day under the sun, it’s easy to return to the clubhouse only to realize that the back of your pants is soaked with sweat, highlighting embarrassing, hard-to-conceal stains. Sure, you can opt for black or moisture-wicking fabrics, but this isn’t always a great solution, especially if you like to mix up your wardrobe. That’s where Cool Ass Seats come in.

Our proprietary technology not only adds a level of sophistication and technology to your golfing experience, it was specifically designed with your comfort in mind. With just the flip of a switch, you can control the temperature of the seats in your golf cart providing thermal conductive cooling.

In addition to helping you regulate temperature, Cool Ass Seats also have the power to protect your best golfing clothes. Brand name slacks and polos wear down over time, especially if you’re constantly having to wash them or take them to the dry cleaners. Sweat can also leave stains or lines that are nearly impossible to remove.

You invest a lot of your money and energy into your golf habit. If there’s a way to cut costs and make things last longer, why not take advantage? Golfers all over the country are benefiting from Cool Ass Seats and we know you will, too. Order yours today and say ‘goodbye’ to embarrassing sweat stains for good