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+ Why a Heated and Cooled Golf Car Seat?

Three reasons: Evolution, Technology and Comfort

Evolution: There have been very few technical advancements and nothing more than a few cosmetic changes in golf cars over the past 60+ years. However, because they are electric, there has been a significant surge in popularity of late. Amazingly, the current golf car seats are still using the same foam, vinyl and plywood base since inception. It’s really one step up from what Fred & Wilma Flintstone drove around Bedrock. Our Cool Ass Seats are ergonomically designed and handcrafted by Corbin Saddles, which has been building custom seating for over 50 years. Our Corbin / Cool Ass Golf Car Seats look as good as they feel!

Technology: Heated seats have been a coveted upgrade in automobiles for the past 45 years. What most people don’t know is that Saab (in 1972) invented heated seats for people’s backaches – not the cold Scandinavian winters – which is why we believe that golfers would benefit greatly from the same feature. When it comes to cooling seats, the only option until now is cooling by ventilation, which are fans simply blowing air through minor perforations in the automobile seat. We utilize a new, patented technology to heat AND cool our seats – ultimately providing better performance.

Comfort: Let’s face it – we’re all creatures of comfort. By building a better mousetrap using our proprietary Cool Ass Technology, that features solid state, thermal conductive cooling and heating elements, golf enthusiasts and anyone who owns a golf car can now enjoy the same climate controlled heating and cooling experience found in their automobiles.

+ What are the advantages of having Heated and Cooled Golf Car Seats?


Heat: Remember in the previous question where we mentioned that Saab invented the heated seat for people with backaches? Think of all the golfer’s in the world who have old, stiff or ailing backs. According to the American Chiropractic Association, 80% of the population will experience some type of back pain at some time in their lives. It’s also the second most common reason for visits to the doctor’s office. As a friend and ardent golfer once told us, “never underestimate the therapeutic value of having a heated seat for the back”. We agree completely! There is nothing better on a chilly, windy, 50°F day than to “stripe it down the fairway” and sit down on a nice, comfortable heated seat and backrest!

Cool: Anybody who’s ever sat on a golf car seat in the middle of summer, knows they get really hot (upwards of 140+°F). With our proprietary thermal conductive cooling elements, we can lower the temperature in a couple of minutes by up to 70°F. Sit on our cooled seat for awhile longer and you’ll begin to have a chilly bottom, or as we like to say, a Cool Ass! This temperature reduction also provides a therapeutic and refreshing value on a hot, 95°F day!

Extended Golf Season: Winter is over and you can’t wait to hit the links! It’s April or May and many parts of the country are still pretty chilly. There’s nothing like a heated seat to make golf fun in the “bookend” months of the season (April, May, October and November). Even the Florida, Texas, Georgia or Arizona winters can get just cold enough to be uncomfortable.

Convenience: With so many golf and retirement communities growing across the USA (thank you Boomers), more individuals, retirees and families are purchasing golf cars to get around. Entire communities are adding hundreds of miles of golf paths to shopping centers and restaurants. Golf cars are easy to park, easy to operate and are fully customizable – which means there’s no excuse for not having heated and cooled seats, just like your luxury automobile.

+ Why are Cool Ass Seats shaped differently than regular golf car seats?

When we developed our first prototype on an early model EZGO Golf Car, we were ecstatic about how well our heating and cooling system worked. However, our EZGO still looked like the same old golf car. It just wasn’t quite right yet. Since we were already making heating and cooling seat systems for Corbin Saddles, we asked Mike Corbin if he would be interested in making our seats. He agreed and we couldn’t be happier. Our Corbin / Cool Ass Golf Car Seat is ergonomically engineered to support your body weight more from the sides and provide better weight distribution. You’ll immediately notice how much better a custom seat looks and feels – especially with heating and cooling technology on the inside.

+ Can I order a Cool Ass Seat in a custom color?

YES, absolutely! Corbin is a custom seat manufacturer with access to a variety of colored vinyl’s, stitching and even custom embroidery. Follow our drop down menu on the Order Now page to customize your Cool Ass Golf Car Seat.

+ Why is the Cool Ass Seat more firm than other golf car seats?

When a foam is too soft, it doesn’t provide the support required for a long day on the golf course. Just like a mattress, a soft foam might feel good at first, but will eventually compact to the point where it offers no resiliency at all. When this occurs, the rider usually assumes that the seat is too hard, when in fact the problem is because the foam is too soft.

Corbin's solution is to use an ergonomically contoured "Comfort Cell®" foam. This closed cell foam is made up of a series of small bubbles which hold air pockets that keep the seat resilient (firm) indefinitely, while distributing the rider's weight over a greater area of square inches, thereby eliminating pressure points. The stock foam used on a majority of golf car seats feels "cushy" at first, but this goes away quickly as your body weight pushes all resilience out of the foam. This will not happen with Corbin "Comfort Cell®" seat foam.

+ Why do we use a Fibertech base on our Cool Ass Golf Car Seats?

For the same reason dinosaurs no longer exist – plywood wears out. There are several reasons that Corbin uses Fibertech as a base material. First, Fibertech provides a more precise fit. Fibertech is also very weather resistant and won't rust or rot like the current plywood bases when subjected to wet weather. Furthermore, when used in the proper thickness, Fibertech provides the strength necessary to support the carefully designed ergonomics of the Corbin designed Cool Ass Golf Car Seat.

+ What type of vinyl is used on a Cool Ass Golf Car Seat?

Our Corbin / Cool Ass Golf Car Seats use only marine grade vinyl. Great advances in the past 10 years have allowed manufacturers to produce marine grade vinyl materials that are durable, weather resistant and available in the widest range of colors. Some are so good that you can’t tell them apart from leather. In fact, luxury auto maker Tesla, considers vinyl the “vegan” option in their seating material. Just like leather, vinyl has pores, so conditioning a vinyl seat every time you wash your golf car will help assure a long lasting cover. We recommend, “Rejuvenate”, which can be found on this link (we don't get any commission).

+ Is it possible to order a leather Cool Ass Golf Car Seat?

Of course, but know that it will be expensive and not necessarily more durable than our marine grade vinyl. As Corbin does with motorcycles, the area of the seat and backrest that actually come in contact with your body would be leather. The side panels of your seat and backrest (that take the most beating from day to day use) will be finished with a marine grade vinyl to match. As with any leather product, you will want to condition the leather frequently and garage your golf car.

+ Can I order a Cool Ass Seat only and not include a Backrest?

Yes and No.
Yes, you can order a Cool Ass Seat as a replacement. No you can’t just place an order for the bench seat part. Due to the heating elements, the bench seat and backrest are designed to work in harmony with each other. You wouldn’t want to get into your car on a winter morning and only have the seat bottom provide heat.

+ What is the Warranty period on Cool Ass Golf Car Seats?

Cool Ass Technology offers a 3 year warranty on the foam, Fibertech base and hardware, and 1 full year (parts and labor) warranty on the vinyl cover and heating / cooling system. This warranty applies to the original owner only. Normal wear & tear or physical damage due to external forces (like your dog chewing it up) are not covered under the Cool Ass Technology warranty. Any problem encountered with the material or workmanship of your Corbin Cool Ass Golf Car Seat will be repaired or replaced at no charge to you. If you have a possible warranty situation, please contact our Customer Service department so they can help you resolve any problem.

+ What if my wife doesn’t like the Cool Ass Golf Car Seat and says I should return it?

Ask for a divorce. If she won’t grant one, just give our Customer Service a call and we’ll arrange an RMA authorization to return it. Every Cool Ass Golf Car Seat System we sell is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you (or your wife) are not completely satisfied with your order when it arrives, we’ll refund your money or exchange your seat within 30 days of purchase.

+ How easy is it to install a Cool Ass Golf Car Seat System?

We designed our Cool Ass Golf Car Seat System to be truly “Plug N Play”. Please refer to the written installation manual here, or better yet watch our installation video here for accurate installation instructions.

+ What if my Cool Ass Golf Car Seat System does not turn on?

The trickiest part of installing our Cool Ass Golf Car Seat System is knowing and understanding which battery terminals to connect both the positive and negative cables. Since the battery system on a golf car is either a 36 or 48 volt system, with six, 6 volt batteries or six, 8 volt batteries in series, you DO NOT want to attach the positive and negative cables to just one battery. Please see our Troubleshooting Guide here.

+ If I order a Cool Ass Golf Car Seat today, when can I expect to get it?

ASAP! If we don't have your Cool Ass Golf Car Seat in stock, manufacturing time can differ greatly - depending on the season. Upon order placement, we will provide the most accurate ship date possible. We will keep you informed of any delays with the fulfillment of your orders.

Please keep in mind that if we cannot reach you (undeliverable e-mail address, no answer at the phone number provided, etc...) your order will be put on hold! If you have not received confirmation within 24 hours (excluding weekends) then we are most likely having trouble contacting you.

+ What are the shipping charges?

Unlike many companies, we do NOT markup our shipping charges. Our preferred carriers are UPS and FedEx. Please keep in mind that our Cool Ass Golf Car Seat System is considered oversize and may ship by dimensional weight rather than actual weight. Naturally, air freight orders will cost more and are always billed at dimensional weight.

+ How do I operate my Cool Ass Golf Car System?

It’s as simple as flipping on a light switch! We designed the Cool Ass Golf Car Seat with individual Heating & Cooling switches for both the driver and the passenger. They are located on the front of the seat – on the left and right side. Not only are they illuminated, but Red is for Heat and Blue is for Cool. Once the Cool Ass Golf Car Seat System is installed, you are ready to go!

+ How long will the heating and cooling elements remain on?

In order to help your 36 volt golf car battery system operate efficiently, we have set our thermistors to turn the heating and cooling system off after 2 hours of continuous operation. If you happen to be in the middle of a round of golf or out on a shopping excursion, just flip the switch off and back on to reactivate the system.

+ What is the power consumption of your Cool Ass Golf Car Seat System?

Our Cool Ass Golf Car Seat System is designed to use a minimal amount of power from the golf car’s battery system. Power consumption is approximately 80 watt-hours. A typical golf car with a 36 volt battery system has around 9000 watt-hours of available power. Therefore, if either of the heating or cooling systems were on for 10 hours, it would use less than 9% of the battery.

+ Is the heating and cooling feature on both the seat and backrest?

No, only the heating feature is on both the seat and backrest. We did this for a couple of reasons: One, the cooling technology requires a couple small, stainless steel fans to help remove any heat generated by the thermal conductive cooling elements – which would be difficult to engineer on the backrests. Two, we felt that heat on the backrests was a more therapeutic value than cooling.

+ What is the sound I hear when I flip the cooling switch?

Under the Cool Ass Bench Seat are two small, stainless steel fans that are designed to help remove any heat generated by the thermal conductive cooling elements. These work similar to the type of fans used in computers. They are efficient, very quiet and are not on when the heating function is in operation.

+ Did we forget something?

If there is information that you think we should post here for everybody's convenience, please drop us a line!