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Remember Rodney from Caddyshack?  Now that was a Cool Ass dude!  He was fun, smart, fashionable, witty and a little crazy – just like our deluxe model of the World’s 1st Heated and Cooled Golf Car Seat.  No matter what the climatic condition, our Rodney Cool Ass Golf Car Seat will keep you comfortable and stylish. 

Handcrafted by the wizards at Corbin Saddles, the Rodney Cool Ass Golf Car Seat is ergonomically designed with Comfort Cell® foam and marine grade vinyl in multiple color combinations – just like Rodney.  If you can’t get no respect at the club house or roaming around town, why go?

Inside our revolutionary Rodney Cool Ass Golf Car Seat is a proprietary, solid state, thermal conductive heating and cooling system that provides the ultimate in comfort in virtually any seasonal condition.  Just flip the switch to heat and it’s as warm as your luxury automobile on cold days.  Flip the switch to cool and it will change that “hotter than Rodney’s checkered pants” feeling into a nice Cool Ass sensation on your bottom. 

The Rodney is also truly Plug N Play – which means guys like Carl the groundskeeper can even install and connect a Rodney Cool Ass Golf Car Seat System.  We even provide a few necessary tools to get you “hooked up.”  And, to make you feel even more comfortable, Cool Ass Technology has included a 30-day Money Back Guarantee and a 1-year warranty.